Southwest Florida Construction Trends | What to Expect in 2016

December 29, 2015

In the New Year, you can expect to see institutions, restaurants, hospital facilities, offices, and hotels to take center stage – especially with the growth we expect to see in Cape Coral. The year 2016 will change the entire image of Southwest Florida, as it will become one of the primary destinations for commercial construction. In 2016, keep your eyes peeled for the following construction trends to take Southwest Florida by storm.

Owners Choosing Smart and Green Options

Owners have decided to choose a smart and green building design. Even though this trend existed in 2015, it will be in 2016 that you will really see this trend pick up. Owners strive to make their buildings as green as possible by utilizing sustainable materials, energy efficient designs, and renewable energy solutions.

Some will even opt for recycled building materials and products. The smart and green trend is not limited to just new constructions, but owners are also incorporating this trend into entire building remodels and renovations.

Increase in the Number of Retail Stores, Restaurants, and Hospital facilities

In 2016, you will see a large number of retail stores, restaurants, and hospital facilities constructed in Southwest Florida. The commercial construction market will even see existing retails stores undergo an extreme makeover to compete with the layout and design of the new stores in the area.

The look the retail stores, hospital facilities, and restaurants are going for is fresh, effective, efficient, and striking. However, out of the three, residents can definitely expect to see new restaurants in the area.

The Rise of Multi-Family Complexes

Soon, you will come across townhomes and apartment complexes under construction in your area. The rise in multi-family housing in Southwest Florida will bring in more crowds of people, thus increasing the population. The increase in the number of people coming to reside in the multi-family complexes will correlate with the establishments of retail stores, restaurants, and other facilities in the commercial sector of Southwest Florida.

Searching for a Commercial Contractor in Lee County?

When it comes to commercial construction in Lee County, you’ll want to work with a contractor that is familiar with the area and upcoming construction trends. Compass Construction, Inc. is a contractor located in Cape Coral that has been in business for over 30 years. We’ve worked on over 500 projects and have experience in the following industries:

  • Religious facilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Government/public works
  • Medical facilities
  • Multi-residential buildings
  • Recreational facilities/parks
  • Educational institutions
  • General renovations

You can contact us if you require assistance on your next construction project. We will be happy to assist and advise you. Make your commercial construction project a reality in the year 2016!

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