The Importance of Preconstruction and Feasibility Review in the Construction Process

May 12, 2015

If you wish your construction project to be successful, then you need to focus a lot on conducting the successful preconstruction phase and a comprehensive feasibility review.

First: What is Preconstruction & Feasibility Review?

The preconstruction phase in any project is the time during which the team in a project will be evaluating the project elements before they officially start the construction process.

In this phase, the constructability analysis and the feasibility studies will be carried out based on site constraints, program requirements, and project scope. With the evolution of the initial vision into final documentation, the impacts of the budget for the choices in designing will be assessed. Then, collaborative reviews will help in ensuring that everything is happening according to plan.

After the preconstruction stage has taken place, the main goal will be to come up with a project plan that will include the best ways for the project to be executed.

The Benefits of Preconstruction to Project Owners

The development of the preliminary budget is the main focus of any preconstruction phase. If the program or designing is thought to be a little too costly, then certain modifications are made. If the estimated costs happen to be below the budget, then certain decisions will be carried out for adding scope or upgrading the materials.

Value Engineering

Value engineering helps in achieving a desired goal for building purposes with the help of economical means. However, the whole exercise should be as creative and insightful as possible without reducing scope. Through this, the team at work would be able to identify the areas in which value is not completely optimized, and then search for the most cost effective ways for optimizing value. Value engineering helps in maintaining budget while ensuring that your vision for the project comes true.

Developing Construction Schedules

Preliminary schedules help teams to be prepared for construction. These project schedules work as tools in monitoring and planning the project’s progress. Thus, the schedule becomes an integral part of the preconstruction phase to make the people involved aware of all the critical milestones included and when they need to be achieved. These include the requirements for filing permits and ordering of the long lead items. This ensures that the final date for project completion will be met and that your building will be handed over in a timely manner.

While a project can still be a success without having a productive and comprehensive period for preconstruction, many problems can arise through the course of the construction phase, most of which you might not even be prepared to handle. Thus, the preconstruction phase is a great time for working through potential issues in a project so that few hindrances occur once the project initiates.

Preconstruction & Feasibility Review in Southwest Florida

At Compass Construction, Inc., we understand the importance of proper preconstruction and feasibility review for any construction project. From the design team selection to budget and cost estimating for the project, our team of construction management professionals can assist in every area.

Compass Construction, Inc. has been in business since 1984 and we’ve completed over 500 construction projects in Southwest Florida. Our services include preconstruction/feasibility review, construction management, design/build, and more.

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